About Us

For those who already know us and those who don't yet, this is us...

We are young makers, we deal with artisanal design and self-production. A perfect union between art and craftsmanship, the concept of "beauty" combined with the strength of "know-how". What better way to create unique, functional and pleasant design products.

We let ourselves be carried away by our imagination, each material presents itself as a "block" ready to be sculpted. Our products are inspired by the desire to combine and create the right symbiosis between two arts that seemed to be so distant, but were actually born to travel the same path.
We love challenges, work provocations and we put ourselves out there. We don't lack imagination and this is why we have opened a laboratory in which to give space to ideas, manual skills, tests and experiments.

We address ourselves to a public in constant search of innovation who is not satisfied with standardized and globalized solutions but also capable of structuring their living spaces autonomously.

We are fascinated by the versatility of many materials, natural and otherwise, as they occur in nature, or created with the most sophisticated technologies. All materials are rich in energy and all lend themselves to any type of experimentation. We combine them with each other, break them down, reassemble them or transform them, all surrounded by a careful choice of colors and taste.

We experiment with innovative automatic techniques, making use of numerical control machines, printers or whatever appears "under our noses", but we jealously preserve the ancient techniques and ancient crafts par excellence, only with knowledge of the past has we prepare for the advent of the future.

Making your knowledge an art to share. Conceptualize ideas with the right forms and dress them up with functionality.